My Time as an Exotic Brunette

Imagine with me if you will...a young wife and mother of a baby or two. This woman is also married to the youth pastor of a Baptist Church and is she rather insecure about everything I just mentioned and is way too busy helping at church. She loved helping out but she needed better boundaries.

Anyhow, imagine that this girl decides that she wants to replace her college/single life era email address with a more grown-up one specifically for church business. Plus, her old one just gets SO MUCH spam and it was hard to find the actual emails in all the garbage ones. Time for a fresh start, right??? Totally!

Now...what to pick for a new email name???

She wants something fun and unique that fits her personality. And then she remembers...her beloved mother-in-law has this cute phrase for when you do something kinda dumb but you aren't isn't a blonde moment, it is an exotic brunette moment!!!

And an epic exotic brunette moment to top all exotic brunette moments, this young lady creates an email by that name ""

Oh yes, she did.

She chuckled to herself, thinking about how clever this cutsey little email address was while she *immediately* emailed aaaaaaalll of her church people to let them know her new email address.

Oh yes.

She did.

And just about the time she got done transferring the email addresses and sending out the "change of email address" emails she realized just *what* she had done.



She then starts *freaking out* over what her email address actually looks like (because after all, it was rather the opposite of clever and cutsey!) just in time for her husband to call her and ask her what in the world she is doing and that their Pastor (and his boss) just called him with an awful lot of questions and while the husband knew the saying and knew what the young woman meant, and was able to explain the whole "exotic brunette" thing to this Pastor, he asked the husband to relay to the girl that it really was not an okay email address handle and please get a *new* email address right this very second.

Ummm, yeah.

So then happened a new email address with a much more appropriate name, a new address book transfer and a *NEW* change-of-email address email was sent out, complete with an explanation of what an exotic brunette is when you are talking about blonde moments. She clarified that she was really only the kind of exotic brunette that does *mentally* dumb pick pornographic email handles completely naively.

Good grief. A tad bit humiliating, but no one really gave that poor girl grief about it. So nice of them.

The previously mentioned beloved mother-in-law thought the whole thing was hilarious. LOL

Not that I am this girl or anything...just heard her story and years later I'm finding it funny. ;)

Really, really funny.

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