Caffeinated Randomness!!! My life in pictures...

I just felt like I HAD to share some picures of life around here recently! My kids are getting so big and I thought I should document all the snow we have been getting. :)

So to start us is what the view from my front door has looked like lately! :) I hate snow...but it is hard to stay ticked at something that pretty.....stinkin snow!.......I love how softly it falls.......

Yeah....LOTS of snow!

The snow on our back porch...yep, pretty insane.

Whenever the snow comes, my husband goes and shovels for some of the "more experienced" people in our church family. :) On this particular day, pink princess went with him! :)

And here is Kitty sleeping.....without a care in the world...

A hat I made for the purple princess...

My Knight-In-Training with his "guy-freak-out" face! LOL I didn't think I would see this until years later when some girl mentions a wedding dress!

Here is a pic from a night when Husband was gone and the kids and I made a "fort" and "slept" in the living room! :) SO FUN!

Hello Hollywood!!!! :)

Oh look! It is Kitty sleeping!!!

Here is little Knight, blocking my

The BEST dog in the world...and something smeared on my cam lens...nice.

Someone found the candy I should have cropped this must have been sweep-the-floors-and-forget-about-the-dishes day.... ;)
And this is a glimpse of my new kitchen...which doesn't have cabinet doors yet...but someday! In the meantime, I LOVE my kitchen!!!

But to make up for his boogery-ness and candy addiction...he tends to burst randomly into prayer... ;)

And he has the most amazing blue eyes....

Purple Princess and a homemade cookie!

So these are the princesses dressed crazy for "crazy clothes night" at AWANA. Although honestly, it isn't a far shot from what they look like when they dress themselves! LOL
I love that that is their fave pose! Aren't they cute???

And Kitty....sleeping...

Quite honestly, I LOVE this pic!!!

At the pool!!! I think Mom needed this more than the kids! ;)

Now you have the ridiculouly awesome priviledge of meeting the newest member of our family! Drumroll please!........................................................................................................................................................

Meet Halpert! He is a 1 year old Basset Hound!
I recently got him from some friends who couldn't take care of him. He still has that puppy soft fur that I LOVE!!!! And he LOVES to play fetch and sit with me on the couch...SUCH a sweetheart!!! :) I am working on some training...things like:
Don't get in the trash, stay off the table, no teasing Kitty, no eating toys, no jumping on people....but he is very good at some things like being cute, soft and cuddly! LOL Really though he will be a GREAT dog in a few months I am thinking! And unlike Rugby, he doesn't get out of the yard! :)
♥ Halpert ♥

But not everyone is as pleased as I am:
"Why, Momma? WHY?????"

Now Kitty doesn't sleep as peacefully as she used to....
And apparantly, Husband was tired enough to lay down on the floor... lol

But others seem to have no problems sleeping the day Kitty's spot no less!!!
Aren't his spots ADORABLE???? And don't get me started on how amazing his little paws are!

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  1. We're still working on Maggie to not jump on people. It's so hard because she loves everyone and gets so excited to see someone new. Maybe one day - she is still a baby, after all! :P

  2. I love these pictures! Your kids are so cute, and the new dog, oh I love his spots! He is precious!

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    Christian blogger.

    I enjoyed looking over your blog.
    And you are more than welcome
    to visit my mine.
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    If I've posted this to your blog before
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    BTW, someone in your family is a very good photographer

  4. LOVED the pictures. We can't wait to see Halpert!! The spots on his legs are called 'stippling', just like on our Chipper's legs. In the first pictures Halpert almost looked like he had some Beagle in him. But now, looking, maybe not. But he sure is cute. He and Rugby and Kitty WILL eventually become good friends!! Lots of love to all of you, our 4-footed gt. granddogs, too!!!

  5. Hi Gina;

    You sure do have a cute family...paws and all! It is always nice to meet Family to sneak a peak at more of your lovely family.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 6 1/2 adopted


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