New Blog Look!

So in case you were wondering, YES! My blog design IS new and it IS fabulous!!!
My amazing bloggy friend Kristen over at Bringing Up Benjamin did this html-illiterate-person a HUGE favor and designed my blog-exactly to my specifications!

She made me my very own button for you to grab and post on your blog! I am just like one of the cool kids! ;)

She also made a button (that I haven't put up yet...) that links back to my testimony-super fabulous! If you haven't read my story, check it out! :)
I will put up the button for this asap!

So anyway, pop over to her blog (all 4 of you that read this ;) and tell her thank you, because she did it all for free! It would have cost me $80+ anywhere else! :) She deserves some recognition! So PLEASE go tell her thank you!

Love you all,

Ooohhh...look! I even have a signature!!! Isn't it soooo pretty?!?!?

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