Natural Antibiotics-Garlic

So I thought I would share some things I have been learning the last couple of years in the way of natural medicine! Especially in light of the health care bill passing, it won't hurt to be prepared when if it doesn't work the way the politicians are hoping.

Now my mother-in-law love is much better equipped to talk about this stuff since she knows OODLES more about this than I do and has been using it for years, and could probably give you a bunch more stuff to use, but this is my blog. ;) Hey Mom! You should start a blog!!! Seriously!!! DO IT!!! :)

Anyway, one of my main go-to's is garlic. Garlic is amazing! Eaten raw or in a uncooked concoction, garlic can help or cure several ailments, including high cholesterol, ulcers, strep, earaches, etc!
While after repeated use, you may generate a gotta do what you gotta do! :)

One of my favorite garlic concoctions is to crush up 8 cloves of garlic...put them in a shallow container that can seal tight. Cover the garlic with olive oil and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then before bed, I will rub some on the bottom of the foot.(Yep, really!!! The bottoms of our feet are AMAZING!)  Put socks on and go to bed. If they wake up in the morning and their breath smells like garlic, then it worked! I have even put it on the kid's chest before when they had a sinus infection or croup or something like that.
On myself, (I haven't used it on Chase yet) I even put a couple larger chunks of garlic between my toes. But don't do that to the kids, from what I understand, it can burn them.
You can even put a drop or two of this oil in an ear that has an infection.
Be sure to keep the garlic-oil mixture in the fridge or it will go rancid... :)

I have only scratched the surface of uses and conditions this amazing guy can do so for more information and recipes, go to:

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