Caffeinated Randomness: Favorite Christmas Movies

 YAY!!! An excuse to talk about movies!
I LOVE movies and especially Christmas movies! So fun!

Even though I adore older movies, I am fairly new to "White Christmas" and "Holiday Inn." I love them though and the girls like them too.

I LOVE the original "Miracle on 34th Street" (even though I like the newer one too!)

One that I found on dvd that was a favorite growing up is "Ernest Saves Christmas"
It was fun to introduce Ernest to the kids this year! :)

While it isn't necessarily a Christmas movie, it has a Christmas part in it...but I watch this one probably once a month while I am folding laundry or cutting coupons:

A newer Christmas movie that I just love is Elf! Just LOVE it!!!

Is there anyone who wasn't touched by this movie???

But my all-time favorite is "It's A Wonderful Life"

YAY! Christmas movies! I feel like I have forgotten some...hmmmm...
Merry Christmas!

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  1. I like all those movies except for the Ernest one. Never have been able to get into the Ernest movies. "It's a Wonderful Life" and "White Christmas" top our classic Christmas movies list. Although "Holiday Inn" and "Christmas In Connecticut" are right up there too. I love the Wynona Ryder version of "Little Women." It's one of those movies I never tire of watching.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. The Ernest movie was on the other day and I almost watched it ;) It brings up memories of my childhood with my cousins...we use to say the Air-brakes line all the time!!

    Some of my favorites are on your list!

  3. I just watched Elf and I love it!!

    And, the Nativity story tops my list too -- what a beautiful portrayal of Christ's birth.

  4. Ernest saves Christmas! It's been forever since I've seen that one, but it brings back lots of childhood memories watching Ernest movies.

    It's A Wonderful Life is my absolute favorite movie of all time. Christmas movie or not.

    My mom and I really were touched by seeing the Nativity Story, it was my favorite portrayal of Joseph I've ever seen.

  5. I absolutely LOVE White Christmas and Holiday Inn and Elf!!

  6. I prefer the orginial Miracle on the 34th to the newer one, too.


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