Pink Princess loves art!

Chase and I are totally amazed by how much Pink Princess LOVES anything art. Painting, sketching, coloring, play-doh, finger name it, she LOVES it! She is getting so much better too...she has started "shading" with her crayons (which is hard to do with crayons!) and she did it all herself! I am considering getting her some colored pencils to shade with, I think she would enjoy those. ;)
She is so serious about it that she will color for HOURS. No joke! And a few weeks ago when I was packing the kids stuff up to stay with friends while Husband and I were gone, I was looking for coloring books to pack for her. Every one I picked up, she would say, "That one is full."
 "I colored all the pictures already."
 "That one is my sister's but she said I could color all the pictures."
"All done."
But except for the fact that we can't keep enough coloring books in the house, I think it is so wonderful! :)
I myself am not very artistic, so I think it is amazing that she loves it and has a passion for it.
I am excited to see how God has gifted my children and also to see how they develop their talents. :)
Here is one of my favorite sketches ever! Chas did this a few months ago (and keep in mind she is only 4-I am not convinced she is a prodigy or whatever, in case you are like "wow, sister, you are seriously delusional!" But since she is mine, I am allowed to be super-duper proud!)

The drawing is Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus...who has a large bag of gold raining on His head. ;)

The picture is a little blurry compared to the real thing, but I thought I would share anyway, because 

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