The Adventures of Dawn and Gina- The Re-Purpose Addition

Totally cool, our adventure started when Dawn came over today to see me and gab and visit and such and  she was admiring my newly re-decorated dining room!  A Fabulous friend gave me the benches that now act as Dining Room chairs so my table is more in the corner and out of the way.

Anyways Dawn noticed that my hutch was no longer in the Dining Room and hadn't realized she had walked right past it! It was shoved in the corner between two couches until I could give it away or figure out what to do with it. I just didn't have the room for it. Dawn just looked at it and in a matter of minutes had come up with a plan of how to make it more usable for me! We took a few measurement and then suddenly sprang into action, and pulled off doors, pulled out shelves, moved the piano, stained some wood, found a new shelf, figured out the miles and miles of wire and cord that is our entertainment center and voila!!! (Sorry, bit of a Run-On Sentence!)

Here is the " entertainment center" before...

Talk about crowded, cluttered, crazy and not so cute!
We were temporarily using the piano as a entertainment stand because we needed to get the piano out of the bedroom to give piano lessons! HA! Kind of awkward giving kids piano lessons in the bedroom...not a good idea.
Plus, we really didn't have anything to put the tv and such the piano was an ok fix for the time being...even if it did look pretty bad.

Here is my hutch backed into a corner until I could find a purpose for it. Before I took this picture, the inside was equally crowded, cluttered and not-so-cute as the entertainment system...

Here the hutch is in the process! We took off the doors, removed the lower glass shelf and moved it across the room!

Soon after, we recruited the help of Dan and Craig to come and help us drill the big holes the wires would all go through and to firmly attach the upper shelf we stained. Thanks guys!!!

And here we go!!! :) I have moved my pictures and shelf from the wall and added my Willow Tree Nativity Scene (because it is just too pretty to only use at Christmas!) on the very top! Everything fit PERFECTLY!!!!

Sooner or later we are going to tackle this puppy again and give it a makeover! Maybe a gray color (or white, or black) with some distressing and an AMAZING wallpaper back??? Totally excited!!! :)

Plus, I now have even more stuff to put out in the Yard Sale I have coming up! I LOVE de-cluttering!!! Who knew???

Now where do I put this piano???? :)

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