Some of My New Favorite Reads:

Thought I would jot down (for journal's sake mostly and in case any of you were interested) my recent reading! I used to be a major book-worm but not so much now. But this is a start! :) Hopefully I will read more and more. Anyhow, here you go. (And the links are to check out that book on Amazon.)

Ok, so have you read Bonhoffer by Eric Metaxus yet? Because if you haven't you need to drop everything and read. this. book.
Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy

And after you are done with that here are some others I am enjoying lately. (You know, because breastfeeding leaves me with a lot of reading time....and Gilmore Girl's time...and Pinterest time when I can steal Captain Awesome's phone away from him ;)

The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. Even if you have read it before ten times it is still awe-inspiring, gut-wrenching, encouraging and amazing. If you haven't read it before, read this true life account of a family that were arrested for hiding Jews from the Nazis and sent to concentration camps where they lived and many died teaching of Jesus. Since her "accidental" release, Corrie has crossed the globe sharing God's forgiveness and love and Jesus. Love this book. One of my favorites. :)
The Hiding Place
The Hiding Place

Another one by Corrie that I read recently is In My Father's House. This book is also amazing in that she recounts her life up to The Hiding Place and all the unique ways God prepared her family for what was coming. Remarkable. Plus I marvel at this family's complete surrender to Christ and the hundreds of people they touched before the war was even a possibility. Easy easy read but powerful.
 In My Father's House
In My Father's House

I am currently reading another one by her right now. Haha! The In-Loves got it for me for my birthday!
I Stand at the Door and Knock
I Stand at the Door and Knock: Meditations by the Author of The Hiding Place
These are never before published, just-recently-found devotional writings of Corrie!!! AAAHHHHHH! It is like holding buried treasure in your hands. ;) Yeah, I am a nerd.
These devotions come straight from her old daily radio broadcasts in Germany I believe. (At least they were originally in German.) Sometimes it is a little awkward and you can tell something may have been lost in translating it to English but it is still powerful enough to kick my tail every time I read it. Funny, for awhile every devotion was on Surrender and I would be all, "Surrender, again?!? I get it! I get it!!!" and then like the 7th devotion on surrender came and I was all "Ohhhh, wow, I need to surrender!" :)

And then I have recently read a book by someone other than Corrie! I know- there are other books out there! ;)

This one is a much more recent autobiography than The Hiding Place and is a lot more light hearted.

I Am Hutterite
I Am Hutterite: The Fascinating True Story of a Young Woman’s Journey to Reclaim Her Heritage

Totally fascinating. Recounts the story of a woman who grew up on a Hutterite Commune. (Hutterites are the not-so-distant relatives of the Baptists of looooooong ago. You know, when Baptists were being martyred for their belief in adult baptism by immersion?) When she was 10 years old her world turned upside down and her family left the commune for freedom. Besides being totally fascinating (definitely pro's and con's to living on a commune, and I had never considered what it might really be like to live that way- or leave when that is all you know) it emphasizes forgiveness, growth in Christ and freedom. LOVE this book.

As for my web-reading I have a couple of staples:  New to this blog but I am loving her. We could totally be best friends. She posts it all- super granola remedies, nourishing recipes, and Bible Studies! LOVE! She is the blogger I would like to be someday. ;)  New to her too but I love her. Although there is no way we could be friends because she is too stinking BEAUTIFUL. I mean it. Check her out for her jaw-dropping beauty and stay for her amazing content. :)  Ahhhhh!!! Love this woman, her heart for the Lord and her UH-MAZING free printables! cool! Months of good reading material here, folks!

Need some pro-life reading? This blog: will BLOW your mind. Follow them on fb too.

Then there are my new healthy life philosophy blogs:

Lovelovelovelovelove!!! And while the posts are always really good and informative, my favorite part of these blogs is following them on fb and being part of the community over there. You have a random question? (Anything from I have a bad hangnail, to slugs are attacking my tomatoes, to my daughter isn't sleeping through the night to, my husband has really really REALLY bad pneumonia, what do I do?!?) Ask it on the appropriate wall and you will generally get a whole lot of naturally minded people to give you their experience, advice and info on that topic. Awesome. Except for my pregnancy appointments none of us have been to a doctor since we have lived here and these blogs are partly why. :) Not bad for a fam with now 6 in it, right?

Oh, and another new one:
In love with this one too!!! Totally nourishing recipes with a PRINT OUT MEAL PLAN. NO LIE. She also links it with all the recipes you will need. Using this week's right now! Plus she is a HUGE proponant of getting your kids in the kitchen and teaching them to cook. Not to create kitchen slaves (although who said that is a bad thing.;) but to teach your children the how and why of healthy eating-what healthy eating really is and they are much more apt to eat something they made themselves. I really need to work on this area with my kids and she has lots of articles that teach fun ways to get them cooking. SCORE.

So anyhow....while I am prob leaving a bunch out. These are my latest, newest reads. Enjoy!!! Come back and share if you read any of these because of this post! ;)

Love y'all!

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