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Many of (if not all) my friends know that I have been going down the hippie road for awhile. And while I like the crunchy lifestyle, it can be a bit polarizing and that isn't always good or necessary. Thankfully, I've found some companies that are for people in all walks of life yet produce products I can stand by 100% in all of my "non-toxic, all-natural, safe-for-you-and-the-earth" crunchiness. :D

I joined Young Living over a year ago and they have changed my life, my family and my home for the better! Essential oils truly are amazing and people use them in a ton of settings, from the home to the hospital. My team leaders are even veterinarians and use YLEO's in their practices! Coolness. <3 p="">


They are amazing, natural and completely pure. Good for the support of any of the systems in our body. 

At some point soon, I will put together a blog post of all the sciency-stuff behind why the oils work and also why Young Living oils are so far superior to anything you can buy in the store and superior to any other EO brand. (Although another company may be a better fit for your family-I totally get that!) I was determined when I joined YL that I wasn't going to go overboard or be a snob about it, but I am hooked and the difference is huge between YL and anything I used to buy (or a set I won from DoTerra.) So anyway, I love YL! More on that to come. ;) (Note: I should just say that like when using herbs or pharmaceuticals, you need to know what you are doing and not just go at it without knowing why or how. EO's can be dangerous if not used properly. Thankfully, there is a LOT of education that goes on with YL and being in a teaching group is a must.) 

(Doesn't this make you wonder about the oils they sell at the store on the cheap??? If they are inexpensive, they are not the real deal! Read: Fake and full of toxins.)

The price was a hindrance to me for many years, and while it is understandable, I honestly regret not joining sooner. I would have saved a bunch of money on herbs, supplements, vitamins and office visits! Plus, the oils tend to last quite awhile! A drop here and a drop there, is no biggie. And the Rewards program with YL is FABULOUS. Earning free stuff when I buy is something that is awesome obviously! ;)

While I am still working through my health stuff, YL has been invaluable in the journey and literally has helped SO MUCH. I'm sure as I am going to some Functional Doctors now that are figuring out my root problems, I will be able to incorporate more oils to support the process! 

The latest development in my journey has been joining Ava Anderson Non-Toxic at the beginning of this year! After years and years and *years* of looking for products I felt really really good about using, my friend introduced me to Ava Anderson. 

 FINALLY! Skin and makeup and gobs of other products that are safe to use and work fantastically!

I mentioned in a prior post about dealing with PTSD and well, some things have gotten considerably worse. There is a post coming about all of that too, but for now, just know that chemical anything treats me just horribly. Any kind of chemical smell makes me severely dizzy with a terrible headache and trouble breathing. Yucky yucky yucky. So my search became more important than ever for products that would do the job and not poison me (or my family for that matter!) Changing over to YL products and now AANT products literally makes me feel lighter and less burdened in my liver and kidney areas! There is just too much going on in my body and it isn't detoxing and cleansing itself well at all. (**Edited to add: I just watched this today and it is SUCH great info! These are my fabulous doctors.
So obviously, YL and AANT for me are a godsend. And even when I get better and can detox myself without any help, I won't be going back. Why would I? I'm hooked. :)

My friend who introduced me to Ava Anderson Non-Toxic couldn't put ANYTHING on her skin without it causing major pain and goopy rashes and awfulness. Ava Anderson doesn't bother her at all! On the contrary, her skin is healing and looking young and radiant again!

You can read all about these harmful chemicals and their affect on our bodies and environment here:

My favorite products so far is the face cleansing set (cue angelic music) and the all-natural makeup!!! YAY! So happy to be able to wear makeup again. :) 

So between Young Living (and also being an Usborne Books and More Consultant!) I was reeeeeeally NOT looking to join another MLM (although I'm not against them, obviously. I like the opportunity to help my friends and family make an income while staying home or in addition to their jobs or what have you. I've heard people talk badly about MLM's because of the mark-up on the products, but....everything everywhere is grossly marked up! Can you imagine the mark up on anything that is in Target when you consider it was prob made in China, the materials, the labor, the shipping, the stores, the electricities, taxes, paying employees, getting it across the US and into the pretty pretty stores....MARKUP. And as much as I love Target, I love helping my friends and supporting FABULOUS companies more. Ahem. *steps off soapbox.*) but Ava Anderson came along and the message is too important to ignore and the discount on the products I am buying made it totally worth it. So anyways, if you are looking for some safe products and support for a healthy body, these are my favorites (again, after years of scouring health food stores and reading labels and making compromises on products that were expensive and *better* than the mainstream products but still not safe enough.) 

If you are looking to make some healthy changes in 2016, please jump right in and let me know how I may help! You won't regret it once you know how toxic our everyday products really are. 

I love and for checking out the safety levels of my products old and new. Look up your favorite product and see what kind of safety rating it has or ask them to rate your product!  (By the way, these are not at all affiliated with YL or AANT.)

Feel free to chat with me about any of this! I would love to hear from you on Facebook!

My Young Living sign-up page:

My Ava Anderson Non-Toxic site:

Much Love and a Happy, Healthy, Holy 2016!

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