Don't you just LOVE the feeling of accomplishment?!?

So this week my to-do list is VERRRRRRY long...I have been slacking lately and we have some family coming to town this weekend. They haven't seen our house and so you know a tour is coming! I have been meaning to get all kinds of work done so this is exactly the motivation I needed! Today I worked on Van's room. His poor room is used the least out of any room in our house so it tends to collect anything and everything that may or may not have a home!
I have to say though that I got quite a bit done in there. It just needs basic dusting, sweeping, etc. but I got boxes and piles of clothing sorted out, put away, or gotten rid of!
And guess what???? I found a room!!!! A little boy's room with a crib and a toddler bed and a rocking chair and some shelves!!!! AMAZING!!! ( I do have to admit that I am having trouble finding the living room or the hall, but that is besides the point! It gets messier before it gets cleaner-right???)
Right now, his clothes are on the shelves or hanging in the closet. We do have a dresser that he is getting soon, but it is and has been used the last couple of years as a tv stand/ table linen closet!

The plan is that once remodeling in my kitchen has been completed, Chase will build me a corner-bench set for our dining room which will free up lots of needed space. These benches will also hold my linens!!! Yay! We have a few ideas for what to use to hold the tv, but we will see....but hold on dear son-you will get your dresser!!! :) And hopefully, Mommy will teach you how to keep your room clean!!! :)
And speaking of Van, I have to post a pic of him from Saturday at the Lake....

I call it, "reflections" ;) lol
And here is another

And, ok....since you asked here is one more!

With the exception of the Vans (got it???) I found for a buck at the thrift store, these are my FAVE shoes!!! Notice that they are almost round soled!!! And yet his feet were still too chubby to fit in them for the longest time!
They are so cute on him and are so "Van" my little man who has left permanent fat footy prints on my heart.
Alright, well it is probably time to do some work on my own room now that the kids are down for the night and Love has some music practice!

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