Princess Chastity Peaches

Independence Day 2009

Dear Chas,

Sister, you CRACK ME UP!!!! You are such a goofball sometimes! You love to play and be silly. You are really into showing off right now. So you dance, sing, make silly faces, and just be a goober!

Doing the poem "Hi, my name is Chubby..."

Picking flowers on a walk during our Pastors and Families Retreat in Utah

You are four years and four months old but you are pretty sure you are 15. I have to admit I am a tad worried. You base most of the things you wear and the way you do your hair on whether or not the "teenagers" will like it! No joke.
You are getting to be more conscious of your appearance and always ask if you look beautiful before we go anywhere.
Baby girl, you are ALWAYS beautiful! Always always!!!

And more importantly, you are asking me many questions about Jesus and you keep telling me you love Him!
You love church and are having a BLAST in AWANA Cubbies. You are learning so many verses and songs! Granted, there are some more things you need to understand...such as:
  1. The sun in the sky is not the same thing as "Jesus the Son" (lol!!!) EVEN THOUGH Jesus IS the Light of the World! No wonder you keep looking at me funny!
  2. You don't hear God talking back to you because He doesn't speak audibly...
  3. and other things that aren't coming to mind at the moment, but when I think of them, I will come back and put them in! :)
But I love that the spiritual wheels are turning and you growing in faith! You keep telling me that you think Jesus is in your heart, but when I ask you if you asked Him to be there and to forgive your sins, you say no. And then I say that if you want Jesus to be in your heart and forgive your sins you need to ask Him. And then you say. "ohhhhh....hmmmmm...." and run off and play! lol! I think you will ask Him soon, and I am SO EXCITED to see how that plays out!

Your favorite color is pink! You really wanted to paint your bedroom pink and green, and are a little upset that we are painting it purple, but sorry!
Your favorite way to pass the time is to color! You are a coloring maniac!!!
I think your favorite thing to watch is "The Muppet Show" and you love learning the random songs they sing!
You also like to watch the Scooby Doo cartoons, the High School Musicals, Singing in the Rain, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Monsters vs. Aliens...

Playing on the trampoline!

I curled your hair the other night for the church Thanksgiving Dinner. Normally you don't like me to curl your hair because the curling iron is hot and it scares you. But this time, you just let me for whatever reason and you were really glad you did! You LOVED how it turned out and you LOVED that we got to use Papa's hair products. ( ) You told me that you want to help him make hair stuff someday. ;)
I thought that was cute.
And all night if someone didn't tell you, you would ask them if they liked the curl in your hair!
I think we will be curling it again soon! :)

Church Family Thanksgiving Dinner 2009

You also want to groooow! You are pretty sure that if you keep eating fruits, vegetables and meat that you will grow to be as big and strong as Daddy and maybe even Susan from Monsters Vs. Aliens! But you are definitely in love with your Daddy. You keep telling me you are going to marry him when you grow up! :)

Photo Op! Picnic at the Lake with Unc, Auntie, Baby Kay, Grandma Terri and Grandpa Darby

Daddy reading a birthday card

You love to pull out a school book and work on writing letters! You are doing so well on your own, I really need to start doing school with you. The plan is to actually do school in January. You LOVE everything we have done so far, but we could be doing so much more! So that is the plan.

You truly have a better grasp of what is "left" and "right" then I do! No kidding! I am also blown away at your understanding of time, days, etc!
You are very interested in peoples names. Random people on shows and on the street-you want to know their name. You seem to get a little disappointed in me because I really don't know most of the time! :)
You also are starting to put together family trees. You are starting to grasp that I have a mom and she has a mom who has a mom...and we are all alive so maybe that helps! :)

I have to admit that you are at that age that makes watching movies together not so much fun. Suddenly you have question after question about EVERYTHING!!!!! Even though you have already seen the movie 100 thousand times!!! lol.
Your curiosity about the world around you though can also be so much fun. You remind me of what it was like for the world to be this huge mystery to be solved! Everything was rather innocent, and so alive! I love that you see it that way.

Great Grandpa Cantrell's Memorial Service

Your favorite food is Macaroni and Cheese and you ask for it-every day.
You have a pretty consistent crush on Thomas Mifflin-a boy in the youth group and you are quite the flirt! And in case you are wondering you did not get that from me! ;) Daddy and I are SO praying for you! :)
You love to ride your trike on the back deck and let Harmony ride on the back of it.
You love to go for walks around the block, but you ride your trike.
You love Family Nights and Family Devotions.
You love that you have your own bed and aren't sharing with Harmony anymore! You sleep on the top bunk!!!!! *tear*
You love trips and thrive on getting to see your grandparents often! (Or I hear about it!)
You LOVE dressing up like a Princess!

You are SUCH a great helper! You always are ready to help me get the younger ones dressed or set the table or to cook. You don't like chores so much, but you are getting better and helping to keep your room clean. :)

You are such a great big sister! You really look after and love to play with your sister and brother!

You are such a sweet girl, honey and I am so excited to see what the Lord will do with your life. :) You have grown up so much so very quickly! Slow down!!!!! You really don't need to be a teenager yet. :)

It is such a tremendous priviledge to be your Mommy! My prayer for you is that you would have steadfast faith in Jesus Christ, that you would serve Him however He sees fit and that He gives you the grace to grow into a godly woman of character with a heart for the world around you.

I love you Chachipea!

Baby Chastity Peaches (7 months)

Your Fourth Birthday

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  1. Gina,
    What a beautiful, beautiful thing this was to read and enjoy the pictures of our beautiful Chastity Peaches, Harmony Joy and Evan Cantrell!!! Chastity will love to read this, now, but she will TREASURE it in the future. What a great mom/grandaughter you are to share her day to day life with us and to to give her these precious memories through your eyes!!!! You are very special to us!!!! Chase did GOOD!!!!!!!!!! We love you all,
    Grandma Dee

  2. What a little darling. I just love the questions these little ones can think up. So wonderful to see those tiny little wheels turning in their little heads :)


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