To My Sweet SWEET boy!!!


You turned 19 months old last week and I can hardly believe it! You have gotten so big, so fast!!! (Although you had a good head start when you weighed 9 lbs. 8 oz at birth! ;)
On Saturday night, you used your first sentence! It was "Whadadatdo?" and it took me a couple of times of hearing it before I understood that you were asking "What does that do???" about the copier in the church office! SO cute! So I lifted you up so you could see that I was making copies. You LOVED it! Flashy buttons, BRIGHT green lights, lots of sounds and paper shooting out! What is not to love?!?!?

Also, in a matter of DAYS your legs grew two inches longer!!! HOLY COW!!! :) I was wondering if your cutie squatty legs would ever outgrow the 12 monther pants and just took off! Yesterday we were getting ready for church and I pulled some overalls out of the closet that I had been waiting to put you in. They had been ginormous forever! But wouldn't you know...I put them on you and they were TOO SHORT!!!! And to make it worse, you were the last person I got ready to go and we were running late to went in highwaters!!! So sorry. But you would have been upset to take them off anyway because Elmo is on them (or Momo as you call him!)

At 19 months old, you can out-wrestle your big sisters (who are 3 and 4) in no time. Mostly you just sit on them or lay on them and they start yelping for help! You and Harmony are pretty close. You guys chase each other, tickle each other and although she annoys you by thinking she is your mother and knows what is best for you, you two are peas in a pod!

Harmy and Van

You LOVE LOVE anything animal! You adore our dog Rugby and although you think that you should be able to ride him like a horse (which he SO does not appreciate!) you are content to just let him give you kisses. You have also tried to ride Kitty, which is why she avoids you like the plague...which really bothers you, but just can't sit on the Kitty, honey.

Your best buds are Matthew and Christopher Jerome. Age wise you are smack in the middle of them and so it depends on sleep gotten and male aggression who you play with that day, but you three are too funny!

You love books, cars, balls, and anything musical or that lights up. You have a natural knack of rhythm and music and are interested to play any instrument you can get your hands on. I am not sure what is your long as you can play it, dance and sing, you are in heaven and are waiting for some applause!

I continue to be your best girl (followed closely by Mrs. Karen Bender! ;) and you love to sit on my lap while I am on the computer. Or to follow me around the house or church. You freak out whenever I leave you in the nursery, but that seems to be lessening and you are starting to look forward to seeing new toys and friends in there. :) :( 
Mostly you just want to be wherever I am and I love that. You are so cuddly.

You love to play outside and are content to just sit in the dirt! You also love to climb and are always climbing up on the playhouse and then want me to come get you down! :) You love the trampoline, you love the toddler bike on the back porch that you use Flintstone style...

Playing in the sandbox at Auntie's house

You MUST at some point in the day be seriously wrestled or thrown around on the couch for a bit. Otherwise your male aggression is way too much for us girls in the house! You just get crazy. :)

I have taught you the bad habit of play biting....I couldn't help it. I am kind of a biter and you are so stinking cute, that I have to just nibble on you every now and But now you are biting me back and while you are really careful not to hurt are still pretty little and just don't know when to stop sometimes...but silly me...I TAUGHT you to bite me!!! What sane person teaches their 19 month old boy to bite????

Seriously, how do you not nibble on that????

You are now able to push buttons for the tv, dvd player, stereo and honestly, that is annoying to everyone because you mess it all up! :) So we are working on that. :)

You love your bed. I very rarely have to tell you twice that it is bed-time. (You get that from me!) You are an amazing sleeper still. You go to bed at 7 on nights when we don't have church stuff going on. You get up in between 8-9 am. Nap time is 11. And while your sisters get up about 12:30-1. You will sleep until 2 or 3!!! Wow! :)

Out of my three kids, you are the ONLY ONE who will look where I am pointing. (!!!!) I think that is funny. Maybe it is the boy in you...I don't know! I am 26 and still don't always think to look where someone is pointing. I realized I did that the other day. LOL

Van, you LOVE food!!!! You have slowed down lately because your face has been so stuffy, but you love food! :) I think Macaroni and Cheese is your favorite. But you love anything you can cruise around the house with. (Which is NOT ALLOWED!!!!) It drives you crazy to be at the table by yourself. Or even just if Dad and I aren't at the table. You can't handle it. You want to be three feet away from the table-with us. :)

You have started praying out loud and it to so adorable. At prayer time you clasp your hands together and squeeze your eyes shut until we start praying and then you check us all out. lol. But when you pray, you pray for Ma, Daddy, your sisters, the dog and other things we can't make out. :)

Hunky boy, I love you so much. My prayer for you is that you will be a man of character and integrity with a heart fiercely devoted to Christ. That you will know Him and love Him and live for Him your whole life.
I love you!

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  1. I love this SO much. And all the pictures. WONDERFUL!!!

  2. What a good mommy you are Gina, this is so sweet!

  3. He is sooooo cute! And I love his sentence...can't wait to hear my little guy utter some so adorable!
    Amy @ Raising Arrows

  4. Aaaaw, he's adorable! And very EDIBLE, I agree :)


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