Creative Writing 101-The Message

1. Who is your audience and what is your purpose?
My audience is women and teen girls (mostly!)
My main purpose is to help others who have experienced sexual abuse or have issues with fear or need help rooting out lies and planting God's Truth about Himself, life and True Love...
I also like to just gab, add my beginners photography and general posts about my life. :)

2. What do you know? (Ask This:What does my day consist of? How is my life unique? What things do I know that could help others? Have I seen another blog post about something I do, but in a different way?)
I am a Youth Pastor's Wife, a mom of three, a daughter of The King and He has healed my life and is making me whole. :) I am also learning so much about housekeeping, being frugal, and natural home remedies! I think I have some insights here and there about all of those things.

Do This:Brainstorm your life and come up with a list of 5 topics that are part of your life (hopefully, some of them coincide with the list you made in #1).
1. Biblical Womanhood
2. Christ's Healing from abuse/neglect
3. Homemaking-rearranging, painting, bargain-finding!
4. What I have been learning from the Bible
5. Mommyhood-having three in three years/starting homeschooling, etc.

3. Is the topic worth discussing?
Well honestly, sometimes it is and sometimes I am just writing because I feel like it and it is my online journal. :)

(Do This:From either the list you made for #1 or the list you made for #2, pick a topic and begin brainstorming ideas for a post pertaining to that category.)
Jewish Weddings and Christ and the Church

4. What do you want your readers to feel and know after reading what you've written?
For this topic-How amazing Christ is! That they can have a personal fulfilling relationship with Him. The big picture is truly astounding...God's all-knowing ways are unbelievable!!!

In general-That life is sad, horrible, awesome, blissfully happy, just is life and regardless of what happens, it is a gift from God. :)

5. Choose an analogy and make it the driving, yet subtle, force behind your post.
(Do This:Brainstorm anything and everything that comes to mind when you think of your topic. (this is just like a word association game) Choose one thing from that list that makes a good analogy for your topic and then brainstorm all the ways you can make that analogy "work" for the message you are wanting to convey.)
Well, for this topic it is an analogy in itself...things like: Bride, Groom, Wedding, Church, Christ, Oil Lamps, Canopy, House, Wedding Supper, Engagement, etc.

***Once you have some thoughts down, try writing a post. Don't get carried away with your analogy, but make sure it is subtly there and you use it to your advantage.

Final Excercise:
Why is a candle like a bedroom???
It brings feelings and smells of warmth, relaxation, and comfort to your body and has a glow about it. It is beautiful, and a fun part of living in my home. :)

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  1. Gina,
    Great job! I loved your answer for a candle and your bedroom...precisely what I was looking for! I anxious to hear more from you! :)


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