I Heart Faces: We Are Family

Yay! Another I Heart Faces Challenge!

This week we are supposed to share a picture that captures families of all shapes and sizes, ages and uniqueness!
So my pick is this one:

We had fun taking this picture the Day after Christmas. It was SO NICE having all the Wards together! Seriously, they are the best family ever! Even Grandma and Grandpa are being goofy! Notice that my husband is apparantly preggo and you can't even see Uncle Greg's head because he is behind Evan's legs! LOL
Being a Ward is FABulous! :)
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  1. I love this picture so much. that is a wonderful family photo.

  2. I love this, Gina! Are you ... licking your husband? hahaha

  3. What a great shot! Love it! A super fun family and I had to search for ages to see your Uncle Greg! What a cack!


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