So...apparantly LOST mania has hit blogland!
I ran across this questionnaire on Kristen's SUPER CUTE blog.
You can read Kristen's answers here: http://www.bringingupbenjamin.com/2010/02/im-so-lost.html

Kind of funny. We here were totally missing out on Lost until Chase's 26th birthday last year! Chase's parents got him season one of Lost and we have been hooked ever since!

So here are some of my thoughts on this AMAZING show!!!

1. If you were on the island, which group would you be in? Survivors, Others, Dharma

The Survivors...there is something so appealing to me about having to start from scratch. Find shelter, food and water, bind together and work as a team...

2. If you were stranded on an island, which character would you want to be stranded with?

Well, if I wanted to be smart, I would probably stick with Rose and Bernard...they live there happily and carve out a life for themselves quite well without causing drama in the rest of the group. They seem to be wise, religious and honest. :)

But since that would probably be too boring for me, I would probably pick Kate because she can track and keep herself out of trouble. On the surface at least, she would be a good friend. :)

Or I would go with Desmond...just because of his accent. LOL! Well, and he had the hatch which had a shower, food, music and books...so....plus it would be fun to see he and Penny reunite! Love that story!!!

3. Which backstory was your favorite?
Oh my....my favorite???

Maybe Claire's? I LOVE Claire and I am so intrigued by that whole psychic you-must-raise-your-baby thing.
But I love how the whole Jin and Sun thing is turning out! They have come such a long way!!!
I really like their story-how they fell in love, how they fell apart and how they are in love again. :)

Oh and Desmond and Penny!!! Ok really, I can't pick a favorite!

4. Are there any mysteries you really hope will be solved in this last season?

1- How in the world did the stewardess get in the temple??? Was she part of the others????

2- Will Sun ever get to Jin?!

3- Will Jin ever meet his baby?!

4- Where is Claire?!

5- What IS the temple???

6- Who IS Jacob??

7- Who was that guy with Jacob in the last episode of Season 5?!

8- Are Kate and Jack EVER going to live happily ever after???

9-What is reality? On the island or in flash-sideways?

10-Is Claire going to get Aaron back?

11-Did someone create this island? Who are the original people that lived there? Egyptians???

12-Are they ever leaving the island?

13-In flash-sideways do Claire and Charlie get together??? Because really, losing Charlie and Claire never should have happened!!!

14- Is Richard Alpert from the slave ship??? How do these people live forever????

I have so many other questions!!!! Guess I will have to wait and see!!!!

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  1. LOVE it!!!

    The Stewardess went missing when the Tailies were going through the jungle... I assume she was kidnapped by the Others and that's why she's there with them in the Temple.

    I hope Claire doesn't get Aaron back... at least not in the state of mind she's in! She's nuts!

    Good questions! I can't wait for next week's episode!

  2. Oh my goodness gracious! I almost felt like I was sinning by reading this blog! :) I have vowed to not know anything ahead of what we've watched so far, but this just makes me realize the questions NEVER stop! WE LOVE THIS SHOW!!! I'm like you, though. I love the idea of starting from scratch, and really they've made a life for themselves on the island and where we are,(about 2/3 the way through season 4) it appears as thought they should have just stayed on the island. No more real life drama. Anyway, I'd definitely be a survivor..... :)


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