You Capture-Kisses!


Yay! I love kissing pictures...actually our bedroom is full of them! My favorite is the "Wars End Kiss" of the sailor and nurse in Times Square in 1945. LOVE it!!!

So here are some of mine...I couldn't find the one I really wanted to use-but maybe next time! I do love these though! Although judging from my pictures I have here, my sister and her family are the only ones doing any kissing! LOL

Here is my neice and brand-new nephew!!! This was my first newborn shoot I did a couple of months ago. Now, before you judge me, I had NO natural light to work with and my camera is not anyway...I am working on getting better! :)

And a Mommy and Daddy shot with the new baby

And one from this fall where my neice is really getting into it, and my sister is getting a little freaked out! LOL

To see more great kissing pics, click on the You Capture Button above!

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