Miscellany Monday-When the Husband is Gone...

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
Yay! I thought it had been so long since I had joined in on miscellany monday that I really should today! :)
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So this afternoon (because it was afternoon by the time I could do it) I jumped in the shower. Once I got in the shower I realized:
1. My husband went out of town and took his razor (which I have been using-he just LOVES that we are that close.;) and I forgot to put mine back in the shower.
2. A baby that had been exploring my house earlier that morning had taken my shampoo out of the bathroom and into the living room and I had forgotten to put it back.

So...conundrum: do I now wet and naked go traipsing through the house to retreive said items or do I wash my hair with my body wash (!!! I know!!!) and not shave since the Hubster isn't home anyways....
Well, I went with the body wash and no shaving...so if I look unusually frizzy and hairy when I run into you at Wal-Mart later I apologize and now you know why. ;)

Funny, I thought going without shaving would be freeing and liberating.
It isn't. It is poky, uncomfortable and I shouldn't raise my arms to wave hello even in a short sleeved shirt. I may just shower again later. ;)
After my shower, I pulled out my new uber comfy aeropostale workout pants and threw them on. Notice I called them "workout pants" instead of "sweat pants." Sweat pants sound dowdy...workout pants sound dowdy too, but dowdy with a purpose. ;) Workout pants convey mental images of me in a perfect pony tail effortlessly jogging around the block with my dog and jogging stroller-even though I may only get some painting, packing, and photo editing done tonight when I get back from Wal-Mart. Although taking all three kids to Wal-Mart in Show Low and all the snow out there could be considered light exercise. So there we go. Maybe I will even let the dog ride along.
Last night, the kids and I played Just Dance on the Wii. There is seriously nothing cuter than watching my three munchkins dance to that game! It is also funny the songs that are their favorites. All three kids LOVE "Cotton-Eyed Joe" which is the one they do best at.
Harmony's favorite is the one she calls "The Football Dance" I have no idea why she calls it that because it is the disco song and dance "That's The Way (Uh-huh) I Like It." Maybe the character's afro looks like a football helmet???
Evan loves "The punching one" aka "Eye of the Tiger" which Chas calls "I am a tiger."
Chas also requests "Pump up the Jam" which I think she thinks is talking about the jam that goes on a sandwich.
They don't like it, but they dance to the Beach Boy's "I Get Around" just for Momma. :) What sweet babies! :)
I posted this on Facebook the other day, but should document it here in my journal...a week or so ago my extremely mild-mannered son came STOMPING down the hall way. I could tell in his step he was unhappy about something. Then he stomped up to me and angrily yelled, "MOMMA!" Taken aback at this unusual behavior, I asked him, "What is it baby?"
He angrily yelled back "I LOVE YOU!!!!" And then he stomped off! I sat there stunned for a second and then had to laugh. After a second I yelled back, "EVAN!!! I LOVE YOU TOO!" He stuck his head around the corner and yelled "I LOVE YOU!" Like he was still angry. And now it is our bit. We randomly yell angry I love you's back and forth almost every day.
Today the girl's tried to join in, but he got really upset that they were moving in on our bit. He told them to "shhhhh!" LOL Having a boy is so much fun! :)

Being a mom is so much fun! :)
Happy Monday!


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