Caffeinated Randomness! My what a day!!!

So today is CRAZY!!! This morning we woke up bright and early (although Chase was up brighter and earlier than I was!) Chase ran to church and worked on a sermon he is preaching tonight at a youth rally where he was asked to be a GUEST SPEAKER!!! Isn't that cool????? So anyway, he worked on his sermon while I got the kids up and ready. Then we went to a friend's house and helped them move into the new house they are buying! The new house is AWESOME and I am SO excited for them!!! So we helped for a couple of hours, then came home so Chase could shower. I fed the kids and then laid them down for a nap. Chase left to go make sure his computer and equipment worked down at the youth rally. So here is the deal...we are leaving for Missouri TOMORROW after church. All week I have been cleaning the house and working on Young Ladies Retreat which happens TWO days after I get back from Missouri! So today I had serious laundry to do, some groceries to get, packing (of 5 people and a dog for 8 days) to finish, a huge dog to bathe, a youth rally to attend, TWO Uppercase Living parties to put in the computer and order, paperwork to have ready for my teen girls at church tomorrow, co-op classes to find substitutes teachers for, etc. etc. etc!!! Craziness.
So here I sit...a tad overwhelmed. I am getting laundry done and was surprised when Chase called and asked me to please don a bathingsuit and wash the dog in the shower, but surprisingly it went quite smoothly! I have dog fur all over the bathroom now but NOT in the drain so that is good! :) Except for the part where I woke up the girls from their nap while I was looking for the dog and they haven't gone back to sleep yet and we are supposed to be up late at the Rally, that part went well. :)
Really, it is quite a relief that it worked out that I do not play piano for church tomorrow, and that is really a load off my mind! I think I might go to early service and Bible Fellowship and then go shopping for the snacks since I don't think that is getting done tonight. I think we are mostly packed though. I need to pack Chase's stuff but otherwise, not so much left to pack I think.
I need to pull out the cooler that we will keep snacks and sandwich stuff in for on the road. I got together some movies to keep the kids happy during the drive, and have most of my stuff together so I can work on the 4 hours of lessons I am teaching at Young Ladies Retreat when we get back.
I think I have everything together to take to my mom when we swing by her place in Colorado on our way. I am REALLY looking forward to seeing Chase's family in Missouri. We are going for his Grandpa's Memorial service, so it isn't the happiest of circumstances, but we know who Grandpa trusted in and we know we will see him again. That brings peace. :)

Thanks for the opportunity to sort the things flying around my brain!!! :) I know I am forgetting something, but I will get more done with what I have talked about already! :)
Please pray for a safe trip and that I didn't forget anything! :)

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  1. Wow! What a busy few days you are having - I hope you have a great trip!

  2. I LOVE your caffeinated randomness!!

    I awarded you a Bloggy Award! Go check it out!


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