Here is a weird, creepy and lame post for you! :)

So my brother informed me (without ever reading my blog. I am not sure he even knows it exists...) that it is weird, lame and creepy to just post random things about your life online. So here we go...I will try to hit all the categories for you. :)

This week at our church is N.B.T. (Neighborhood Bible Time.) Basically it is VBS from the 1950s. I enjoy NBT, don't get me wrong. I am just not sure why we are doing VBS from the 50s. I am assuming there is a good reason and I just don't know what it is. ;)

Anyhow...I am teaching the Missionary Story to the Kindergarten class this year. SO FUN! I am having a lot of fun with the Kindergarteners-one of whom is my own Pink Princess!
Also some missionary friends of ours were up in our area, teaching in this class with me. SO FUN to talk to them, ask them endless annoying questions, attempt witty answers, and get to know them better. I am totally excited about their church plant. Hopefully we will go help them soon!

Every year there is a coloring contest in NBT and Chastity entered, being the budding artist that she is...she was chosen as a finalist for her grade and went up on stage for her coloring to be judged with the other finalists, grades K-3rd!!! I was sad because her picture was pretty good, and I knew she would just LOVE to win, but she was going up against 3rd graders! They had the kids turn around and hold their pictures up so we could vote by raising our hands and the kids wouldn't know who did or didn't vote for them. Now if it were left to the artistry itself, Chastity would probably come in third....but would the audience agree??? They asked for votes for my Chastity last and I was shocked that he counted so many votes! Apparently...there is a good possibility that Chas will win based on popularity!!! LOL!!! We will find out tomorrow for sure but either way, I am sooo proud of her!

One thing that has become tradition around here during NBT is that my house fills with teen-aged girls. I ask them to come to my house every night during the week because the Teen NBT is in the evening and they get up early to help with the Children's NBT during the day. is fun to see how exhausted they get when they don't sleep for a week, play crazy athletic games and chase kids that whole time! Ahhhh....bliss! ;) It really is fun to spend time with them and visit a bit. Now if only they had a better grasp of the words "Straighten up the living room before you leave." We would be set!

I am thinking we should have a Carey Grant marathon tonight...An Affair to Remember, Bringing Up Baby, The Philadelphia Story, Father Goose... We will see how much they get through before giving in to the sleepiness! :)

On a gross note: (men beware) I thought it was funny that most the girls have been asking for chocolate the last few nights (with desperate pleading voices and when I didn't have any went to great lengths to acquire some candy bars) and then this morning were asking for "feminine products." Those "scientists" that claim that our cycles don't align when we all hang out together are full of bologna. Have they ever lived in a girl's dormitory??? Or been to my house during NBT??? Because if they would experience it they would be singing a different tune!
Speaking of a house full of girls that are needing chocolate and feminine products, maybe should pray for us.

One of the bad things about NBT is how little we see my husband this week. A couple of years ago, the girls and I were pulling into the driveway at church for the Teen Rally when Chastity exclaimed, "Look! We came to see Daddy at Daddy's house!!!" It was sad. Chase really felt badly and made a concerted effort to spend more time at home.
Last year wasn't so bad but this year has been rough on my little man Evan. Evan is getting to where he ADORES his Daddy and needs extra "guy time" with Chase. So he has cried himself to sleep the last two nights asking for Daddy to come home. :( Just rip my heart out... Seriously rough. If just for this reason, I am so glad NBT is only once a year!

The award ceremony for NBT is tomorrow afternoon. It is always fun to sit and clap for the kids. I hope all my Kindergarteners get lots of prizes! I had such a fun class! Despite everything, I always enjoy this trip back to the 50's at what we call Neighborhood Bible Time.

I also thought I would share some blog posts that really had my Laughing Out Loud this week! Enjoy!!!


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