Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

It's that time again! :)

1. Last week we went to Utah and had a blast! We spent time on quads riding up the mountain and through streams and small ponds...even mud pits! So fun!!!!!

2. So yesterday was the most amazing day ever! Let me back up-I have been getting discouraged about my love of taking pictures. A couple of months ago I took a babysitting job watching nine month old twins and a four year old girl. So I was watching 6 kids 4 and under. Not as difficult as I was expecting, but I was totally ending the day completely exhausted. But it was ok, because I had a goal: a dslr camera. And I knew I was totally helping out their foster mom so it was a win-win situation. Until summer came and I only watch them half as often so it is taking longer to raise money for my new camera. And to boot, my current camera is getting more and more difficult to use. The screen broke last fall at Young Ladies Retreat and a couple of months ago my stupid, ornery super cute Basset Hound Halpert got on my desk and knocked my camera off which broke the door that holds the batteries in. Yeah. So to take pictures I have to hold my batteries in while looking through the little eye-hole. (Yeah, I am high tech and know all the lingo.) It is a good thing he is cute.

Anyhow I haven't been taking pictures much and it was taking FOREVER to get my new camera. Plus, I have lots of things coming up quickly. I am supposed to be doing a couple more practice infant photo shoots, my brother's senior pictures and pictures of our family adventures this summer. So anyway, I was getting discouraged. I only had a little over half of what I needed to buy one of the cameras I was looking at. Sad.

BUT THEN....I have this friend and somehow the topic of camera buying came up. Then she said, "You know, I have these lenses that are in the pile of stuff to throw away in the garage. Could you use them maybe?"
I responded very sweetly with sincere gratitude, and said "THROW AWAY PILE?!?!?! YOU ARE GOING TO THROW AWAY CAMERA LENSES???? DO YOU KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE THEY ARE?????"
She got them out for me and wow. She gave me two lenses that I looked up on Amazon and it would have cost me around $600 for those same lenses. CRAZY. It is a good thing she is cute.

But now that I have lenses, not only do I have enough money to buy a dslr body, but it picked out the brand for me since I couldn't decide between and Olympus and a Nikon. The lenses are Nikon so there you go! Really helps when you can't make a decision to save your life! SO last night, I spent my blood, sweat and tears and ordered my camera! Isn't it just amazing how God provides, even for the little stuff that in the grand scheme of things is sooooo not a big deal? But He knows my heart and He loves me and He cares about what I care about. Even though He created the universe and keeps it all running. Who am I??? Nobody. Crazy.
So now I am saving for this super cute camera bag/purse that should keep things like the screen incident of Retreat 2009 from happening again. http://www.epiphaniebags.com/#/details-green/ I love that it doesn't look like I am carrying around very expensive equipment but I can have it on hand when needed. 
Then I am going to buy a replacement point and shoot camera for the everyday stuff. :) I am excited.
Also, until I find a better place, my lenses are being stored on top of the refrigerator...away from doggy paws and kid fingers...where do you guys keep your camera stuff???

Wow, that was a really long number two. Sorry! It has been so long since I blogged!!! :)

So yesterday would have been a perfect day except...(I know, there is always something and watch out...here comes a little drama.)
Last night as I was screaming and jumping up and down about my new camera. Apparently a spider saw me and he was intrigued by the whole thing. That creepy, yucky, scary, big nasty spider really wanted to come visit even though I kept trying to squish him with stuff. Smack! Missed. Smack! Got a leg! Smack! Missed. Smack! Another leg! This spider was moving incredibly fast despite the fact that he was severely wounded and missing two legs. Smack! Got him! He was smooshed on my desk and I couldn't decide if I should rejoice or call my husband and tell him about the traumatic incident.
 I decided I would clean the dead spider up in just a minute...and I went back to doing the happy dance. Until....I looked over and he was gone. Gone. Couldn't find him anywhere
Now it is getting scary. I have always believed that angry mostly dead spiders gather up their family members and come at you while you are sleeping. Since I tend to only be good at maiming them, it is only because of the grace of God that I am still alive today. I always have visions of spiders with their big ugly fangs coming at me while I sleep in bed completely oblivious that these mean spiders are growing rapidly and are looking to devour me. 
Ok, I need to stop talking about it now.
I did survive the night, because I am hear to talk about it with you today, but maybe that just means they are waiting until I have forgotten about the whole thing and want to catch me unawares.
Anyway, I always thought I was the only one who thought this way until I saw this from my favorite show Gilmore Girls....

If that doesn't work, go here:

I am pretty sure they stole most of this scene from me...

I have plenty more to talk about but I will give it a rest for now! Be sure to join in by clicking on the button above. :)

May your Monday's be merry and your spiders be small. (Or non-existent would be even better.)

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