So the other day, I was reading my friend Lynell's fabulous blog.

It is one of my favorites. But this time she totally stepped on my toes to the point where they were smushed and sore. (Yeah, according to spell-check, "smushed" is not a word, but whatever.)
She talks about how her mom raised her in God's Word every morning and they memorized scripture together. And now she does the same with her kids. It wasn't what she said so much as that is what God has been pushing me toward and I have just not cared enough to put it into practice. After all, I have "plenty of time, " "they are still young," and whatnot.. Well, God being God didn't think so. He sent my friend Lynell to remind me that my kids are in desperate need of a solid foundation and foundation building starts starts our journey of habitually reading and memorizing together. We have been kind of haphazard about it up to now.
So yesterday, Van brought me his tiny new testament and Psalms and we picked back up in Psalms 4. I had been praying about what to have them memorize first and God reminded me during our reading of the nightmares Chas had the other night and Harmony's fear in the dark. So Psalm 4:8 worked out perfectly.

"I will both lay me down in peace and sleep; for Thou O Lord, only makest me, dwell in safety."

We broke it up into pieces and repeated it over and over again. I made a rhythm for it so it is easier to remember. And we learned it! :) At one point, Chastity asked me why we were saying it over and over and over again. I explained to her that she could use this verse if she has another bad dream or any time she is afraid and it will remind her that God gives her peace and safety. She listened intently and responded with "COOL!" Totally made sense to her. I explained how God talks about hiding His Word in our heart so we can fight against sin. This morning when we went over the verse again she knew it. We didn't even have to review. It is in there.

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