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Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Yay! I love random posts! Fun stuff! I hope you will join us over at lowercase letters and link up to your own miscellany monday!

1. Ok so it needs to be said. Lost was mind blowing. I LOVED and HATED the final episode. I don't want to spoil anything for you if you haven't seen it, but hurry up and catch up because wow. Amazing. I miss it already. :)

2. I super duper scored at a yard sale this last weekend that raised money for Children's Camp! I got two pairs of shoes for me that are basically brand new, (!!!!) a slew of Nancy Drew books, a bunch of dinosaurs for my dino obsessed son, three pairs of pants for my youngest daughter, a couple of shirts, an ab lounger, play purses for the girls, a couple of other random books and toys for under $50. Whoop whoop! :)

3. So one night last week, I fell asleep with a song stuck in my head. I had heard it at the grocery store while I was shopping and it got stuck there. Wouldn't you know, ALL NIGHT I tortured myself with this song I hardly know. I don't even know what it is called, and it wasn't even words...it was some kind of la di do da di do stuff....but ALL NIGHT. In the background of every dream...it played. When I realized I was only dreaming and should get some real sleep-it played. When the song ended, I woke up and it would start over. It was one of the worst nights ever. I almost prefer nightmares-but not quite. Totally annoying.

4. So the fragrance oils I ordered came in the other day and I LOVE them! I am enjoying mopping and wiping things down! Yay! I added some to my homemade laundry soap and I am in heaven. Amazing. And much better than Febreze as much as I love that stuff. :)

5. I am over half way done saving for my dslr camera!!! Good thing, too because my current cam is really on it's last leg. It's screen is broken and I have to use the viewfinder for everything. Plus the dog knocked it off my desk awhile back and now I have to hold the battery lid shut while I take pictures. SO I really haven't been taking many pictures lately...
I am a little worried about the craziness that is likely to ensue when I get my new camera....the paranoia that will surround this non-living thing because of how much it cost and how many babysitting hours it took to buy it. After the cam is bought you know I am saving up for a fancy schmancy camera bag that is gorgeous and will protect my youngest child. Now this camera child needs a name. Hmmmmmm....

6. I miss church. I haven't been in forever. Evan has been sick the past two Sundays and so I stayed home with him. Normally I listen to our church on the radio when I am home with the sickies, but I took the opportunity to sleep instead. But now I miss church. :(  Don't you love having a church family? Mine is truly amazing.

7. Before I make my coffee, I will close with a quote from Gilmore Girls, only the best show ever (well....it and Lost are on equal grounds but two different types of show....)

Lorelai: "Oh, I can't stop drinking the coffee. I stop drinking the coffee- I stop doing the standing, walking and the words-putting-into-sentence-doing."

Happy Monday!

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