My Purple Princess!

My sweet princess, you are turning four in a few months and I can't believe it!

I am so pleased with how you have matured into such a loving, kind hearted young lady. I love to watch you help take care of babies and help clean around the house! You will be such an amazing mom someday!

Your favorite color is Purple and your favorite song is Weird Al's "Eat It." You love accessories but your fave clothing item is a hoodie because it is a built-in hat! ;)

You love to sing and dance, play around on the piano and you have been asking about piano lessons! :)

You do a really good job (mostly) of matching your clothes and picking out cohesive outfits!

You love to help clean and help with the 9 month old twins I am babysitting lately. It kills you that you can't pick them up. But you help feed them, entertain them and keep an eye on them. You will be such a great mommy!!!

You tend to be a neat freak and LOVE to help with dishes, laundry and wiping off the table and counters. You like to sweep and generally keep things neat. EXCEPT in your bedroom which you HATE to clean. lol

I can't believe you are turning 4 in a few short months. I still think of you as that tiny pink bundle I held all night in the hospital. I was exhausted but you were so beautiful and so sweet. I couldn't help but keep you in my arms and stare at my little package.

I love that you are speaking so well and I can understand you so much better!!!!

Your sister is your best friend. Just yesterday you and she were hugging and someone asked if you two were buddies. You responded "No, we are SISTERS!!!!" like it was immensely better than just being buddies.

My princess, you finished your first year of Awana Cubbies and we are all so proud of you!

You have such a sweet, sensitive heart. It kills you to see an animal in trouble. You have such a compassionate little spirit. I am fascinated to see how this plays out in your life as you get older. 
You are so thoughtful and do an amazing job of putting others first and wanting things to be fair among you and your siblings. 

Your good friend Matthew has claimed you and is making plans to marry you...we will see! ;)

Sweet girl, you are joy, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, stubbornness, love, music, loud, moody, and wonderful. What would we do without you??? Daddy and Mommy love you so much! God has made you so special and has big plans for you! He has equipped you with everything you need to change the world for Him.

I am so priviledged and excited to be your Mommy. I love you, my Purple Princess.

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