A Bushel and a Peck...

So for the 30 Days of Music, it is now:

day 05 - a song that reminds you of someone

I had a hard time picking one (I guess I always do...huh?) but my favorite out of those is this one...
On one of my last visits to California, my Great Grandma Dorothy sang this song over and over while she was holding my babies (her great great grandbabies!) She sang it and kissed them and talked to them and loved on them. She prays for them and she misses them. My great grandparents are some of the most amazing people I know. I miss Grandpa so much and I can't imagine what it is like for Grandma...they were married over 70 years when Grandpa Joe died. And while I know that Grandma was singing this song for my kids, I think she was probably singing it to Grandpa too...

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