SO after hearing eight or so people (I am not really exaggerating) tell me that the movie Julie and Julia was "Ok...you would really like it"  and endlessly pondering what exactly that meant. I sat down and watched it today during the kid's nap-time. And they were right and wrong....I did really like it, and it was much better than OK. ;)
It was so easy to identify with both of them, I even tried to use the "I must have ADD so I am not a good housekeeper" line on my husband...suffice it to say that he didn't buy it and was a bit angered that I even teased like that. LOL! Plus, since I love to blog and read blogs, that stuck a chord with me also.

If only I had the self-discipline and desire to cook my way through a Julia Child's cookbook! I am sure I would learn SO much!!! But learning cooking is really not something that is a major priority right now. Every now and then I will go through a "cooking craze." And after a couple of days of spending my remaining time washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen, I remember why I don't like to cook that much. It isn't the cooking that I don't like, it is the clean up. And when you really cook, you use all kinds of dishes, utensils, and appliances and really...I hate cleaning all of those. So I don't usually cook much that requires more than a skillet, spatula, cutting board and knife. I would someday like to be known for my cooking, but I have other things on my plate right now.

But it did get me to thinking that I should be working more diligently in areas that I do have on my plate and are interested in. So......I pulled out my ginormous book of Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook. This baby is over 700 pages long....and it contains EVERYTHING you could ever want to know on Homekeeping. So while I won't set a goal of going through this book and applying it to my home in just one year, ( I don't want to almost lose my husband after all...) this book is staying out and I will start trudging through it. I think I will start in the Kitchen which is way cool because my kitchen needs serious "homekeeping" help. :)

I will try to keep you updated on what I learn and maybe you could join me. :)


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