Day Eight-I LOVE that I am an American Child

So today is Day eight of the 30 Days of Music Challenge... the theme today is "a song you know all the words too." I picked this one.
I LOVE Phil Vassar. I LOVE that he writes most of his songs and they have stories behind them. I LOVE that he can play the piano like nobody's business and the piano is heard more than in most other country music.

I LOVE this song. It is seriously in the top ten of my favorite songs. The emotions it emits in me are just crazy. It makes me proud to be an American. It makes me sad for all the loss we have endured through wars and such. It challenges me to be a better American-to not take for granted my freedoms, and to thank God I was born in my country. Love this song...and yes, I know all the words.

Phil Vassar- 'American Child"

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