Martha in My Head-Base Cupboards

So yesterday started my time going through the Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook, and like I said, I am starting in the kitchen! :)

Since we remodeled my kitchen, I had been moving back in slowly. Unpacking my boxes of kitchen junk and finding a new home for it in my amazing new kitchen! It has been a few months though, and my cupboards that at one point were amazingly clean and super-duper organized are now a disaster! I am still not sure I want to show you the before pictures because it is pretty horrendous. Let me just tell you that I have several well-meaning people that occasionally crash at my house (or live here) and they try to help putting things away by putting them in all the wrong places. So after awhile, I gave up and figured I would clean and re-organize when I got my cabinet doors! Well, several months later and after one financial set back after another, I still don't have cabinet doors! (The new date is by next month! ;) So anyway...again...the bottom cabinets were a disaster! Let me also add that I babysit 9 month old twins and have no cabinet doors....'nough said!
Ok, so if you have read all of that, hopefully you understand why they look like this: (if you don't understand then you can leave! ;)


Double Blech...

So in comes Martha Stewart!!! (And another book I found...but Martha is waaaay better!)

And now my bottom cabinets look like this:
All of my small appliances are in one spot!!! I shined them all up and cleaned the cupboard out!

In this cupboard, are my mixing bowls, pots, pans, bake-wear and pitchers!

Now all I need is to do some paint touch up and some doors and drawer fronts!!! YAY! Also, if I really want to be all Martha about it, I need to put down some shelf liner. I will have to see if I still have any.

Ok, so did you know that you need to remove your cabinet doors and drawers around your oven when you are running your oven's self-cleaning cycle??? Otherwise they could be damaged by the heat! :) Or so says Martha. ;)

I do have one more bottom cupboard under the sink, but I am compiling Martha's "Kitchen Cleaning Supplies" to go under there. :)

So I hinted to my husband that I really really REALLY want a label maker for my birthday that is coming up. I have wanted one for years and have spent hours daydreaming about all the things I would love to have a label for and how much better life would be if my home had labels...I am tingling from excitement!!! When I worked in an office I used a label maker all the time and I have really missed not using one the last few years... 
Anyway, that may be crazy, but I am excited! :) 

Today I am learning about and focusing on my sink area.  I have already learned a bunch of stuff. Apparently I have been cleaning my sink wrong all this time. Bummer. :) Thank goodness for Martha! :) I am starting to hear her voice in my head. I wonder if I can watch her somewhere on Netflix???

I hope so! That would be a good thing!

p.s. After all that fun in the kitchen, I also cleaned my desk and did some re-organizing there too! It looks FABULOUS! :)

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